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I told [livejournal.com profile] buhrger that I needed a reason to post to help break the inertia, and it's taken me a week to even start drafting a response. So, that's working.

<memetext>If you comment "Meme Me" and weren't the person who memed me, I will pick six of your userpics that you can then write about, thus maintaining meme balance in the LJ-verse. Feel free to propagate or not, ask people to ask you for six userpics, as you like.</memetext>

All userpics are pictures of my "own" hands. I use "own" because one of my userpics is actually a picture of a game avatar's hands, but since that wasn't one of the six asked for, we won't talk about it. :-)

[aikido] This pic is carefully cropped from a picture taken during an aikido-l seminar. That mailing list is stale if not actually defunct now. I usually use it for anything martial arts related, especially aikido.

[writing] This pic is me typing (randomly). I usually use this for topics where I'm either engaged in "blogging" rather than "journaling" or where I'm talking about writing, usually fiction or poetry or some other dull topic or (particularly egregious) posting samples of said materials. Not doing nearly enough of this outside of work these days and I don't like to talk about what I'm writing at work. Sorry.

[coding] This pic is also me typing, but in front of an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a Unix terminal window. I used to use this for posting about writing code, application development thoughts, and occasionally work items that touched on this area. I haven't done any real code development in about 10 years, so this userpic is very stale now.

[hiking] This pic is me reaching for my backpack (while wearing bicycling gloves). I do still go hiking (not as regularly, but still), so it may not be as out of date as [coding]. :-)

[playing2] This pic is me playing the piano. I usually use this one for any music related posting, especially as it relates to performance. I haven't posted much lately, much less much about playing, but this could conceivably be used sooner than [writing] would be. So much for creative outlets.

[rash] I think this pic was used specifically for the magnificently dramatic fall off of my bike in 2007 where I actually knocked myself out for a second and had a mild concussion. In practice, I'd use this one for any injury (especially foolish injury) related posting. Might mean I should have posted things that would use it, but haven't.

Could there be more pictures of my hands doing things than this? Maybe a smartphone hand or a driving hand or bicycling hand? Yeah, maybe. Something to think about anyway.
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