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Birthdate:Feb 27
Location:Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
I decided I should have one of these although probably no one currently friending me will ever see it.

I currently make stuff up about how software and computers should go together. Occasionally I get to actually write bits of the software, which is very enjoyable. In the past, I have been paid to ensure that the computers play nicely together. I was pretty good at doing that and still get frustrated at how little the current crop of sys admins at work seem to know. Strangely, my job is roughly the same as before and now involves computer security work as well.

I used to write poetry. I'm sometimes embarassed about it. I post drivel in my blog confirming that I should never be published if anyone has any sense. These posts are usually protected because, as I said, I'm sometimes embarassed about it. I used to dream of being a writer, but such delusions seem to be controlled by strong doses of good writing.

Lucky we've got so much George MacDonald Fraser and John Crowley and China Mieville and Mark Helprin and Gene Wolfe around the house.

In my free time, I dress funny and go to a special room where people throw me down, twist me into knots and, if they're very good, make me say, "Again! Again!"

I've been known to torture helpless pianos with cheap renditions of Piano Man or Baby Grand by Billy Joel.
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