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I think I like the summary format better, but it does mean setting a regular time to update. So far, I'm sucking on that part. Here's hoping I didn't miss anything.

  • Blindsight - Peter Watts

  • Banner of Souls - Liz Williams

  • Maelstrom - Peter Watts

  • The Two Minute Rule - Robert Crais

  • The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant - Michael Tremblay

  • The Forgotten Man - Robert Crais

Blindsight is probably my favourite hard-sf book now. An absolutely fascinating read. I'm enjoying the Rifters series, but I doubt it's going to alter my opinion. I used to rave about Alastair Reynolds and I still do, but this guy has (no lie) changed the way I look at the world. Maelstrom was very good. Although some of the description of software was a little "huh?", I think he nailed some concepts very well. What I really liked was that he had a description of a bio-authentication mechanism that sounded workable and then described a serious security flaw with it.

Banner of Souls was a lot of fun. I really like Liz William's stuff.

The Two Minute Rule and The Forgotten Man were accidental finds at Chapters while I was just browsing. Robert Crais is still one of my favourites for short, light, guilty reading.

The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant is the book club book.

[Update]: I forgot about this one:

Monster Island - David Wellington

Reading this book was both something I'd been planning to do anyway and also an experiment in reading on the new PDA/cellphone. Works like a charm, by the way. The book wasn't too shabby either.

Way behind

Feb. 5th, 2007 06:28 pm
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Ouch.  It's February and I haven't posted one word about what I've been reading.

January 2007 - Fantasy & Science Fiction
Wolves of the Calla (The Dark Tower - Book 5) - Stephen King
February 2007 - Fantasy & Science Fiction
Ysabel - Guy Gavriel Kay
Starfish - Peter Watts
Nine Layers of Sky - Liz Williams
Camouflage - Joe Haldeman

The February F&SF featured the last story by John Morressy from the backlog of material they had.  I'm going to miss his stories a lot.

Wolves was okay, but King is tying together fictional and "real" (from the character's perspective) universes here and I'm not sure it'll all work out in the end.  And of course razor frisbee.

Ysabel was excellent.  And now I feel a need to read some previous books by Kay.  No reason.

Starfish was my first "holy fuck!" book of the year.  By that I mean both "Why haven't I read all of Peter Watts stuff already?  Who is this guy?!" and also "Crap!  The author just removed the top of my head with the power of his mind!"

Sky was good.  The ending wasn't quite what I imagined, but that's a good thing.

Camouflage was very good.  It's too bad I'd so recently read some Peter Watts stuff.  I enjoy Haldeman, but I'm geeking out about Watts just now and this book features the weird, the ocean, and marine biologists.  Sorry, but no contest.

Also, I want to go over my list from last year and highlight things for myself.


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